Monday, June 23, 2014

The sweetest thing

I shop at Safeway several times per week. It is at the bottom of our hill and so convenient. Over this last year, I've gotten to know several of the cashiers. Today, I mentioned to one of my favorite cashiers that we are moving this week. She remembered that my husband is away and asked about him. She asked about the boys who she often sees with me. She wished us well and then, after I had already paid, she asked for my Safeway card back. Unsure why, I gave it to her and she applied a $20 coupon that she had sitting by her register, then handed me $20. Wow, wow, wow, such a surprise. What a wonderfully sweet thing to do! Someone did something nice just for the sake of being nice. It really made my day.

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Anonymous said...

Good things and good people appear when you don't look for them, expect them, or even hope for them.