Monday, December 28, 2009

What a night!

The Caps lost. Not very often that they lose a home game. Still, our OLDEST SON (OS) had a wonderful time playing hockey at the Verizon Center. He didn't make a goal. I understand nobody did (something about the ice tonight must favor the Carolinians out there). But, I'm sure it is a night he will remember for a very long time. We were not allowed to take video, but the Coach was allowed and so we hope that turns out and we can get a copy. In the meantime, I'm going through pictures to see if there is a way to post those we've received on Snapfish from Coach.

So, when OS and hubby went off to the Verizon Center, the baby and I went to Ikea for dinner and shopping. When we returned to the car to unload our stuff, I noticed my wallet was gone. We locked everything up, headed to Lost and Found, and found nothing! We were about to give up, when, over the intercom, someone called me to "please return to the Lost and Found." We went to the office and lounged on the comfy sofa as we waited for someone to bring us the wallet.

We returned to our car, only to realize my keys were GONE! Boy was I in a bad state or what!?! We went back up to Lost and Found just as the Lost and Found Lady was leaving. I asked her if she had seen any keys and she said, "sorry, no."

We tried to look inside the car one more time (before I called our auto club, I wanted to know my keys were actually inside the car). However, with tinted back windows and parking garage lighting, I wasn't able to see a dang thing. As I thought through my options (very few indeed), I decided to go check with the Lost and Found lady one more time. This time we actually walked into the office (we didn't last time as she was on her way out and we just asked her directly). Wouldn't you know, the keys were sitting right there in plain view, on a table next to that comfy sofa. Oh, thank G-d! We made it home without losing or forgetting anything else. Thank G-d. The baby was no worse for the wear, but boy was I! What a night!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hanukkah Harry

As a child, my parents told the story of the Hanukkah Man, who delivered presents to my brother and me. Somehow, he would slip into our house as we lit the Menorah and leave a present for each of us in the hallway. This is such a wonderful memory for me and I want the boys to have it too. So, we continue on with the story. However, we've added some changes thanks to Jon Levin (sp?), we now know his name is Harry (though I like to think of him as Hanukkah Hershel). We, like Levin, believe he lives a top Mt. Sinai and is good friends with Santa. However, instead of donkeys leading him on his nightly duties, we have told the boys he rides a magic carpet. I know this won't last forever, but it is so fun to see them run up the stairs after we light the Menorah to see what Hanukkah Harry left them this year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why not a kitchen for a boy

So, for Hanukkah, I decided the baby needed a toy kitchen in which to play. So he could cook for me, while I cook for him (instead of him holding on to my leg while I try to cook).

I looked around all the store ads and on-line to find the kitchen with the best reviews for the best price. This time, unfortunately for me, it was at Wal-Mart. At first, it appeared they were all gone as there were none in the toy section and the guy working there said they sold the last one in the morning. Oh well. While I was there, I went to their outdoor section as we needed some hardscape yard supplies--trying to dog proof the digging spot and figured it cannot hurt to see what Walmart has available--not much. Wouldn't you know, in the outdoor area, I saw high-up on a (yes I know that is relative) more toy kitchens!!!! I went to ask for help, as obviously there was no way I was reaching that by myself. The baby was with me during this adventure. The woman, climbed a ladder to get it down and as we were loading it into my cart, she says, "oh, do you have a daughter at home." I said, "no, this is for him." She was astonished and made no bones in telling me that it was "a toy for a little girl." This is a Step 2 kitchen, with neutral colors! Hmmm, I knew there was a reason I prefered Target.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hobgoblins or what?

Ok, so I'm starting to wonder if hobgoblins have taken over my children during their sleep this week, so they can wake with fusing, complaining, procrastinating attitudes. Each morning this week, we've left for school later and later and later. The baby refuses to wear a coat or even a sweatshirt, cries for every toy in his brother's room that his brother of course does not want him to have and throws a fit everytime we call him by any name other than "Star Wars." All the while, big brother keeps playing with his toys instead of getting ready for school. And, to add insult to injury, the dog decided to dig up the yard this morning and I let her in (not realizing what she had been up to), so now need to steam clean some carpets--ugh!!!!

Well, at least all my Hanukkah shopping is done, good thing since it starts tomorrow night! I do still need to wrap the gifts. But, Hanukkah Harry only leaves one/child/night, so worst-case scenario I can wrap each night's presents the night before. Wonder from where my oldest gets his propensity to procrastinate. Hmmm????

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GWL and the Adaams' Family daughter

Besides the water park, one of our favorite activities at Great Wolf is the Magiquest game. The game entails using a magic wand to complete quests around the resort. There are check-in screens throughout the hallways to check your progress. Such fun, until you notice you are being followed by the daughter from the Adaams Family (Wednesday was her name, I think?).

She was a 10 - 12 year old girl, wearing gray colored clothes, with dark hair and sullen eyes with (her) Grandfather lurking in the distance. We would check our status and use our wand to hit exit on the screen. Now, sure, maybe we did it wrong the first time. But, I know we exited properly subsequent times. She would suddenly appear from nowhere, I swear she wasn't there before! And, in a very dreary, sarcastic tone, say "are you done? " Clearly we were done, we had just walked away from the screen. And, anyway, was she following us or something!!! Ok, besides Freaky Wednesday and some problems with the safe and coffee maker in the room (no problem, they just didn't work), we really did enjoy our time at the lodge. The baby is still going around saying "Star Wars go to waterpark."