Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hobgoblins or what?

Ok, so I'm starting to wonder if hobgoblins have taken over my children during their sleep this week, so they can wake with fusing, complaining, procrastinating attitudes. Each morning this week, we've left for school later and later and later. The baby refuses to wear a coat or even a sweatshirt, cries for every toy in his brother's room that his brother of course does not want him to have and throws a fit everytime we call him by any name other than "Star Wars." All the while, big brother keeps playing with his toys instead of getting ready for school. And, to add insult to injury, the dog decided to dig up the yard this morning and I let her in (not realizing what she had been up to), so now need to steam clean some carpets--ugh!!!!

Well, at least all my Hanukkah shopping is done, good thing since it starts tomorrow night! I do still need to wrap the gifts. But, Hanukkah Harry only leaves one/child/night, so worst-case scenario I can wrap each night's presents the night before. Wonder from where my oldest gets his propensity to procrastinate. Hmmm????

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