Sunday, November 13, 2011

After London

When we got back from London, we took K to the dr. and got some Abuteral, it was just getting so bad. And, then K had another problem, a prolapse of his intestine. He's been symptom free for a few weeks now. We have a Bulgarian Doctor in charge of our unit, with an American PA. At first, they told me he would need an endoscopy. Then, after the local Gastroenterologists said she wouldn't or couldn't do it (still unclear exactly on this), they changed their tune to lets "wait and see." So, because K has now been symptom free for a few weeks, they think it is a done deal. However, they have agreed if it happens again we will need to do a med-evac to London. If he stays symptom free until this summer, we will at least have a Pediatric Gastroenterologists in Oregon make sure everything is ok. At least, he is symptom-free for now.


Ok, I know it has been AGES since I last posted on this blog. It just got away from me. I guess I'll catch up over the next few days or so and see if we cannot catch up.

So, where to start. . .

My husband had a conference in London back at the beginning of October, so we decided to tag along. We went a few days ahead of the conference so S could join us in some sight-seeing.

We started off our with going to our hotel, the SAS Radisson at Portman Square. They lost our reservation, insisting it was nowhere to be found. I even looked at their list of guests booked to stay in a "family" room and we were not on it in any fashion. We got the Embassy involved. Luckily the Embassy contact at the hotel was working that day. Suddenly, like after an hour of sitting around in the lobby, our reservation appeared. Of course, our surname was listed as hubby's first name and his first name as our surname AND both were badly mispelled. But, hey, at this point, we were just happy to have our room.

After such a great start, we got settled and decided to figure out London. There is just so much to do. We, of course, went on the London Eye and to the Aquarium where the sting-rays would pop their heads up out of the water, stare up at us and almost wave to us - I think it was near their feeding time!  I have never seen anything like that before. The next day we took a tour bus of the city and then a tour to Stonehenge, which is a couple hours away. Our little one was actually not feeling so hot at this point, so a bus tour was really a good way to go.

One of our stops was at Buckingham Palace of course. So, K picks this time to announce to everyone that he needs to use the potty. Only there were no toilets anywhere near. Our tour guide asked if we could wait till the next stop, but we just couldn't. We asked if it was at all possible for a four year old to find a bush somewhere around there. Finally, with his wonderful Irish accent and a wink of the eye, he pointed us to a bush in the park across the way. All was fine, watching every which way to make sure we didn't get arrested for our 4-year old peeing at the Park at Buckingham Palace. But, what's a four-year old to do.
We saw a lot of London on this tour and T noticed that there seemed to be a lot of killing and heads coming off in the stories. I guess that is English history.

The final day before the conference, Legoland Windsor was on the agenda. We were a little disappointed to find out that they did not have a Star Wars exhibit there, but the boys were still very happy and it was a fun day for all.

During hubby's conference, the boys and I made our way to Princess Diana Adventure Park, which is a wonderful public park at Hyde Park. I highly recommend it!!! The next day was museums and Hummingbird Bakery - yumm!!!!

We had some pub dinners and really enjoyed our time. We had to take some rest time for K, his cough was just terrible in London. But, all in all it was a good trip.