Sunday, November 13, 2011

After London

When we got back from London, we took K to the dr. and got some Abuteral, it was just getting so bad. And, then K had another problem, a prolapse of his intestine. He's been symptom free for a few weeks now. We have a Bulgarian Doctor in charge of our unit, with an American PA. At first, they told me he would need an endoscopy. Then, after the local Gastroenterologists said she wouldn't or couldn't do it (still unclear exactly on this), they changed their tune to lets "wait and see." So, because K has now been symptom free for a few weeks, they think it is a done deal. However, they have agreed if it happens again we will need to do a med-evac to London. If he stays symptom free until this summer, we will at least have a Pediatric Gastroenterologists in Oregon make sure everything is ok. At least, he is symptom-free for now.

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