Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just In Case. . .

It finally happened. We anticipated the day would be coming at some point, but didn’t know when. Well, today is the day. Parents in Sofia be warned, if your kid talks with my 7 year old much, your child might just come home and start asking about DNA, birth canals, eggs, sperm and a special, very close hug that only adults can do. Of course, they could just as easily come home and start talking about Lego Star Wars after hanging-out with my kid. But, just in case. . . .

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moro and the Dead Guy

Ok, so one more post about our trip.

We stayed at the same hotel in Borovets where the kids from school met-up with their ski instructors each morning. It was the most convenient place to stay, and I'm all for convenience.

Our room had a double bed for me and bunk beds for the boys. The lobby was nice enough, but the rooms were in need of some work. Still, we were there to ski not stay all day in our hotel room. The first night, K climbed into the bottom bunk and said to me, "Mommy, get all the people off my bed." I asked, "What people?" He replied, "All the people and Moro." Who the hell is Moro??? Now, I'm not sure if he even knows what the word "people" exactly means, but he ran over to my bed scared and refused to go back to his bed. Then he looks over in the corner of the room, where there is nothing but my nightstand and asks, "Is that guy dead?" I asked him, "what guy" and he just points to that corner where I see nothing and says "that guy." Does he know what "guy" means, does he have any concept of what "dead" means. I keep telling myself these things as I get spooked out way too easily. We all went to bed for the night and I was so tired that I fell asleep. Then, in the middle of the night all the partiers started hanging out loudly outside the hotel and we could hear everything. T woke-up and I woke-up, luckily K didn't. T was able to fall back asleep; I fell asleep only to be woken up several times throughout the night, but never by the "dead guy" or "Moro" at least.

The next day we moved rooms, not because of the "dead guy" or "Moro," really! But, we wanted to move to the other side of the hotel to not be right above the square with all the bars. It was much quieter until about 1 AM, when some loud guys above our room came home from the bars and stayed up talking (not yelling, but almost as loud) until like 5 AM. The boys slept through it, I did not. Usually, in the morning I take great efforts to keep the boys from making too much noise as to not wake guests in other rooms. Well, you better damn well believe I didn't worry about it that morning! Of course, in the morning they didn't fight once, unbelievably, so we didn't really have any loud noises on our part to keep down for once. Oh well.

Seeing is Believing

Peace and quiet at last. K is going to try hockey lessons today. He’s been skating for a year and recently started insisting on wearing some of T’s old gear too. So, with the coach’s agreement, we thought we’d let him try the real deal. I loved my few days away with the boys, but it is so nice to have Dad take them and just have a quiet peaceful morning alone for a couple hours!!! So, don’t anyone DARE walk by my house and start my dogs off barking or there will be HELL to pay!!!!

We had a wonderful time in Borovets, but certainly not a quiet time. We went with another Mom and her two kids. Her son is in T’s class and one of his best buddies. T was so excited. And, excited children are generally not quiet children. They went skiing till 2:30 PM. After skiing, was swimming and mini-golf. On a side-note, mini-golf at the hotel was in a room with two real walls on the sides and walls made of glass on the front and back. Who does that???? We are all very lucky that there were no broken windows after the kids played golf. It's all fun and games till someone breaks a window!

As for K, oh my goodness he was so insistent on getting skis. I swear anything his brother does; he just has to do too. There are some things he is just too young to do. But, having proven himself on ice skates and insisting he wanted to try to ski, I decided why the heck not. Unfortunately, the kid’s club and kid’s ski school both insisted he must be 4 years old to ski. I tried explaining, “My boy can do it, you should see him on skates.” Finally, with a little help from friends, we found an instructor to give him a private lesson for an hour. This way, if he did well, I could prove it. And, if he didn’t like the feel of it or was too scared, we could just stop and be done with it. But, at least K would know if he was truly ready or not. Of course, he took to it like a fish to water. He was the cutest little skier ever!!! So, the next day, I went back to the kid’s club and told them, “He can ski. He did it yesterday with an instructor and he did GREAT!" The younger women were all excited and ready to take him. But, the two older women at the club gave me looks of disbelief. Ah, you silly silly women, you don’t know my boy. You just wait. And, of course, with him at the kid’s club for the morning, I could go ski for a few hours too. It’s just a “win-win” for everyone!

So, I went off and got myself an instructor for a couple hours. Of course, I was thinking that I would get some smoking hot ski instructor. Hey, a little eye candy never hurts. But, it was not to be. My instructor was great, but “eye candy” he was not!!!! So, we set off so he could teach me to stop snow plowing to turn. I was able to make parallel turns on the blue slopes. But, I just couldn’t get past my fear to try it on the red slope. Hey, I was just happy I actually made it down a red slope. So what if I had to snow plow to do it. I didn’t fall until I was mowed down by a kamikaze coming down a slope she wasn’t ready to come down. She didn’t know how to stop or slow and I guess I looked a lot softer than a tree. Ouch! Everyone was fine; I’m just a little sore in the upper body today, instead of just the legs as would normally be the case.

So, after skiing, my friend and I went to lunch and then picked-up our bigger kids. At 3 PM, we went to the kid’s club to pick-up the little ones. And, yes, to tout my own horn here, was I right or was I right?!! Even the older women were going on about what a great little skier K turned out to be. Seeing is believing. I then packed up the car with four kids, two adults and all the baggage to head home for "date-night" with my smoking hot hubby (saved myself there, right?) ;)

And that was ski week.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, the noise of it all

Oh dogs, my dear, dear dogs. Sometimes I wish we had a mute button for you. Every single time a shadow of movement is seen outside it's "woof, Woof, WOOF." And we don't have tiny little yappy dogs. We have big dogs, which means loud barks. And, not just any big dogs, but two old big dogs who are going blind. Heck, we come home and they are barking up a storm until we walk in the door and they can smell it is us. Now, if they were totally blind, they wouldn't bark. But, no, they can see enough to see shapes and movements, but apparently not details. I guess it is better than them walking into walls afterall. But, boy a mute button would sure be nice.

Speaking of a mute button, I could use one for my youngest son too. He has decided that it is just fun, fun, fun to scream. Inside voice, inside voice, INSIDE VOICE. I suppose yelling "inside voice" kind of defeats the purpose. Seriously though, this is a phase we need to get over very quickly!!!!

My language class has been going well. Though I have the WORST short-term memory. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. . .At least I understand how to read the Cyrillic alphabet now. Perhaps it's not memory, but hearing. Now, I have a small amount of hearing loss to begin with. But, with all this child and dog noise, I think I'm really truly losing it (if not the hearing, at least the sanity, but probably both). Oh well, being able to read the Cyrillic helps some anyway. Da, Da.

Ok, Leka Vecher!