Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, the noise of it all

Oh dogs, my dear, dear dogs. Sometimes I wish we had a mute button for you. Every single time a shadow of movement is seen outside it's "woof, Woof, WOOF." And we don't have tiny little yappy dogs. We have big dogs, which means loud barks. And, not just any big dogs, but two old big dogs who are going blind. Heck, we come home and they are barking up a storm until we walk in the door and they can smell it is us. Now, if they were totally blind, they wouldn't bark. But, no, they can see enough to see shapes and movements, but apparently not details. I guess it is better than them walking into walls afterall. But, boy a mute button would sure be nice.

Speaking of a mute button, I could use one for my youngest son too. He has decided that it is just fun, fun, fun to scream. Inside voice, inside voice, INSIDE VOICE. I suppose yelling "inside voice" kind of defeats the purpose. Seriously though, this is a phase we need to get over very quickly!!!!

My language class has been going well. Though I have the WORST short-term memory. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. . .At least I understand how to read the Cyrillic alphabet now. Perhaps it's not memory, but hearing. Now, I have a small amount of hearing loss to begin with. But, with all this child and dog noise, I think I'm really truly losing it (if not the hearing, at least the sanity, but probably both). Oh well, being able to read the Cyrillic helps some anyway. Da, Da.

Ok, Leka Vecher!

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