Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ski Week in Borovets

The whole family joined T and his school for ski week in Borovets this last week. We stayed at the same hotel as last year and I am happy to report there were no instances or sightings of "Moro" or "the dead guy."  

T started the week with skiing greens and a few blues with a mixture of snow plowing and parallel. He ended the week comfortably skiing reds, parallel skiing and with some amazing stops. We skiied together a few times and I had to ask him to stop doing those stops right in front of me. Just because he can stop on a dime, doesn't mean that dear old Mom (who has been skiing at a beginner level for the last 20 years) can do it.  

K refused to go to ski kindergarten and wanted to stay with Mom and Dad. My three biggest fears for K: 1) the ski lift; 2) skiers and snowboarders who come down the mountain too fast and don't see him; and 3) K looking behind him instead of ahead of him and running into something or off of the trail. Turns out worry number three was the biggest worry. Thank goodness Dad was skiing right next to him and kept him on course.

After a couple days, K decided that the Green Piste was boring and wanted to try something new. Yes, my 4 year old is now skiing on blue trails, now my number 2 worry may come more into play. So, he started the week off with not even knowing how to use the platter lift on the bunny by himself, to doing that, to taking the big boy lift and skiing greens and some blues. Why can't I learn that fast????