Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moro and the Dead Guy

Ok, so one more post about our trip.

We stayed at the same hotel in Borovets where the kids from school met-up with their ski instructors each morning. It was the most convenient place to stay, and I'm all for convenience.

Our room had a double bed for me and bunk beds for the boys. The lobby was nice enough, but the rooms were in need of some work. Still, we were there to ski not stay all day in our hotel room. The first night, K climbed into the bottom bunk and said to me, "Mommy, get all the people off my bed." I asked, "What people?" He replied, "All the people and Moro." Who the hell is Moro??? Now, I'm not sure if he even knows what the word "people" exactly means, but he ran over to my bed scared and refused to go back to his bed. Then he looks over in the corner of the room, where there is nothing but my nightstand and asks, "Is that guy dead?" I asked him, "what guy" and he just points to that corner where I see nothing and says "that guy." Does he know what "guy" means, does he have any concept of what "dead" means. I keep telling myself these things as I get spooked out way too easily. We all went to bed for the night and I was so tired that I fell asleep. Then, in the middle of the night all the partiers started hanging out loudly outside the hotel and we could hear everything. T woke-up and I woke-up, luckily K didn't. T was able to fall back asleep; I fell asleep only to be woken up several times throughout the night, but never by the "dead guy" or "Moro" at least.

The next day we moved rooms, not because of the "dead guy" or "Moro," really! But, we wanted to move to the other side of the hotel to not be right above the square with all the bars. It was much quieter until about 1 AM, when some loud guys above our room came home from the bars and stayed up talking (not yelling, but almost as loud) until like 5 AM. The boys slept through it, I did not. Usually, in the morning I take great efforts to keep the boys from making too much noise as to not wake guests in other rooms. Well, you better damn well believe I didn't worry about it that morning! Of course, in the morning they didn't fight once, unbelievably, so we didn't really have any loud noises on our part to keep down for once. Oh well.

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