Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stone Rabbit, What Has Become of You?

Oh my dear Stone Rabbit, what has become of you? I know, I know. . .Somehow just fading away from the blogosphere here. Time to TRY to change that. So, where were we? Well, I can tell you since London we've been home just working and playing and a few other things in between.

Hanukkah Harry was very kind to my boys. I think I am still regretting the megaphone voice changers. Hmmm. . .

We've had a few good dumpings of snow and so a few good sled days with the boys. The littlest one has decided that snow in the face is a cardinal sin and if it should occur everyone on this whole wide earth should know about it. Thank goodness, face mask to the rescue. Never mind that he looks like a little robber, maybe we will go with little Ninja instead.

Oh and LEGO®, LEGO®, LEGO®, . Hanukkah Harry refrained from giving all LEGO® this year. Yeah, how do you like them LEGO® apples, just helping hubby with his IPR issues here. Yes, so the boys have ENOUGH to last a life time. I cannot say that either one is tiring of them. In fact, our oldest has found himself in a situation where most of his friends have little LEGO® interest anymore. But, it is still his first love. Since the boy could walk he has been fixing and building, fixing and building, add in a little cooking/baking and those are his joys. So, I just hope he stays true to himself because I will take LEGO® over video games any day. Not that he doesn't like those too. Bet you'll never guess which ones.

Ok, time to check dinner. Until next time and hopefully that is sooner than later.

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