Monday, January 16, 2012

First Day Of Our Journey To London

In my attempt to edit my post, I appear to have lost it, on so many levels...We are ending the first day of our Journey to London. K, my four year old son, and I are here to hopefully get some answers to the prolapse that recently reappeared. London is rather an intimidating city to this suburbanite. About the only thing cosmopolitan with which I I ever felt at ease involved vodka and cranberry juice. But, here we are, just the two of us, making our way in the big city.

I decided K and I should stay in an apartment this visit, as we were told it would be at least 5 days, maybe more. Having a kitchen and laundry machine are wonderful. But, this is no posh hotel experience. There is not a doorman, concierge or other staff to greet us each time we leave or enter the building. We are in an honest to goodness one bedroom flat in Central London. And, I must admit I feel a bit vulnerable scrambling for keys to enter our double-locked building and then our double-locked flat, walking about finding my way around. By the looks of neighbors' cars, we must be in a pretty decent part of the city. Still, a bit intimidating. At least I didn't let my fear stop me from finding what we needed.

I must say I feel pretty proud of myself for finding a pasta place for dinner and then a grocery store to get us some basics - thank goodness I brought the stroller. I even called the local gas company when I smelled what I was sure was natural gas near some ground work on the street a few hundred meters away from our flat. All-in-all a productive first day in London. We will see how it goes tomorrow...

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