Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GWL and the Adaams' Family daughter

Besides the water park, one of our favorite activities at Great Wolf is the Magiquest game. The game entails using a magic wand to complete quests around the resort. There are check-in screens throughout the hallways to check your progress. Such fun, until you notice you are being followed by the daughter from the Adaams Family (Wednesday was her name, I think?).

She was a 10 - 12 year old girl, wearing gray colored clothes, with dark hair and sullen eyes with (her) Grandfather lurking in the distance. We would check our status and use our wand to hit exit on the screen. Now, sure, maybe we did it wrong the first time. But, I know we exited properly subsequent times. She would suddenly appear from nowhere, I swear she wasn't there before! And, in a very dreary, sarcastic tone, say "are you done? " Clearly we were done, we had just walked away from the screen. And, anyway, was she following us or something!!! Ok, besides Freaky Wednesday and some problems with the safe and coffee maker in the room (no problem, they just didn't work), we really did enjoy our time at the lodge. The baby is still going around saying "Star Wars go to waterpark."

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