Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why not a kitchen for a boy

So, for Hanukkah, I decided the baby needed a toy kitchen in which to play. So he could cook for me, while I cook for him (instead of him holding on to my leg while I try to cook).

I looked around all the store ads and on-line to find the kitchen with the best reviews for the best price. This time, unfortunately for me, it was at Wal-Mart. At first, it appeared they were all gone as there were none in the toy section and the guy working there said they sold the last one in the morning. Oh well. While I was there, I went to their outdoor section as we needed some hardscape yard supplies--trying to dog proof the digging spot and figured it cannot hurt to see what Walmart has available--not much. Wouldn't you know, in the outdoor area, I saw high-up on a (yes I know that is relative) more toy kitchens!!!! I went to ask for help, as obviously there was no way I was reaching that by myself. The baby was with me during this adventure. The woman, climbed a ladder to get it down and as we were loading it into my cart, she says, "oh, do you have a daughter at home." I said, "no, this is for him." She was astonished and made no bones in telling me that it was "a toy for a little girl." This is a Step 2 kitchen, with neutral colors! Hmmm, I knew there was a reason I prefered Target.

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