Monday, December 28, 2009

What a night!

The Caps lost. Not very often that they lose a home game. Still, our OLDEST SON (OS) had a wonderful time playing hockey at the Verizon Center. He didn't make a goal. I understand nobody did (something about the ice tonight must favor the Carolinians out there). But, I'm sure it is a night he will remember for a very long time. We were not allowed to take video, but the Coach was allowed and so we hope that turns out and we can get a copy. In the meantime, I'm going through pictures to see if there is a way to post those we've received on Snapfish from Coach.

So, when OS and hubby went off to the Verizon Center, the baby and I went to Ikea for dinner and shopping. When we returned to the car to unload our stuff, I noticed my wallet was gone. We locked everything up, headed to Lost and Found, and found nothing! We were about to give up, when, over the intercom, someone called me to "please return to the Lost and Found." We went to the office and lounged on the comfy sofa as we waited for someone to bring us the wallet.

We returned to our car, only to realize my keys were GONE! Boy was I in a bad state or what!?! We went back up to Lost and Found just as the Lost and Found Lady was leaving. I asked her if she had seen any keys and she said, "sorry, no."

We tried to look inside the car one more time (before I called our auto club, I wanted to know my keys were actually inside the car). However, with tinted back windows and parking garage lighting, I wasn't able to see a dang thing. As I thought through my options (very few indeed), I decided to go check with the Lost and Found lady one more time. This time we actually walked into the office (we didn't last time as she was on her way out and we just asked her directly). Wouldn't you know, the keys were sitting right there in plain view, on a table next to that comfy sofa. Oh, thank G-d! We made it home without losing or forgetting anything else. Thank G-d. The baby was no worse for the wear, but boy was I! What a night!

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