Friday, January 1, 2010

A busy winter break

Whew, this last week just flew by! Mondays events have already been chronicled, but that was just the beginning.

On Tuesday, we went to Baltimore Aquarium, which is lovely but not nearly as wonderful as the Monterey Bay Aquarium (at least in terms of kids activities). Still, the boys loved it, especially the Dolphin show and the Jellyfish exhibit. We had a great time, except for one incident. When I was changing the baby's diaper in the bathroom (he was standing up because he now wears pull-ups like a big boy), he decided it was a great time to let it go and boy did he ever! Luckily, I was wearing layers, so just peeled off the pee'd upon layer, cleaned up the floor as best I could, changed the baby's clothes completely (though wish I had brought him extra socks and shoes). Thank goodness, it was at the end of the day. Otherwise, it was a very nice time with the boys.

On Wednesday, we went to the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor and saw their beautiful ICE sculpture exhibit. They even had full-size useable slides made of ice. But, at 9 degrees F, it was COLD!!! I do not recommend taking a two year old to the exhibit. The rest of us thought it was very cool, pun intended. However, the funnest part of the day was the search for PEEPS throughout the hotel, and unlike the ICE exhibit, it was free. The boys thought that was a kick. And, it was beautiful there. Tak kept asking if we could spend the night, but of course that wasn't in the cards.

On Thursday, we went to some friends house for New Years Eve. We had a lot of fun, a lot of food and a little drink. The boys stayed up until midnight for the very first time. Luckily, they actually slept in the next day.

And, now, we hope to rest for the remainder of the weekend. We will see. . . .

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