Monday, November 23, 2009

Star Wars and Roller Skating

The baby has decided to change his name to Star Wars. Whenever we call him by his real name, he gets so upset and insists, "no, Star Wars!" Ok, "Star Wars," wonder how long this one will last? Oh Vay!

This weekend we went rollerskating with some friends. What a fun time. Even Star Wars got in on it. He was clearly the youngest skater there and did well for a two year old. Our oldest was very happy as he won the race for fastest boy skater under 10. I guess ice skating and in-line skating must not be so different from one another. Though certainly not the skater he is on ice, he did very well on the in-lines! Hubby and me, well that's another story. Hubby fell a few times, but kept trying and seemed to have fun through it all. I didn't fall, but a teen who was racing her brother, knocked into me and sent me down hard. And, boy, do I have the sore bum to prove it.

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