Monday, November 16, 2009


Ok, ok, I guess I really must like Target. Today, after dropping my oldest off at school, I asked the baby, "are you ready to go the gym?" Mind you, I was already really not in the mood to go! He says, "no gym, go to Target." I'm thinking, what a great idea. Didn't take much to convince me! As we pull into the Target parking lot, he keeps saying, "go to Target, go to Target." I guess the previous bribe of a juice box has now become an expectation. So, I think his real reason for wanting to go to Target is for that juice box. I think this because as soon as we are walking to the front door of Target, he starts saying "juice, juice, juice!" I signed up to be a shopper for the Secret Santa shop at my oldest son's school. Hey, what a great way to shop, you get reimbursed for it! So, after about $100 worth of $1 items we were pretty good to go. Except, of course, I had to do some of my own shopping too. And, no, I didn't consider this my exercise. When we got home, I took the baby on a lovely walk through our neighborhood for about an hour. Such a beautiful day!

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