Monday, October 26, 2009

The round-about conversation

Dinner conversation with our hockey playng 6 year old the other night.

Son: Girls really like hockey players.
Me: Really, what makes you think that?
Son: I don't know. . . .
Son: I really like the penguins at the zoo, why didn't we visit the penguins last time we were in Portland.
Me: I'm so sorry, we didn't have time.
Son: Do you like penguins?
Me: Yes, but I find the penguin exhibit at the zoo really smelly.
Son: Hockey players are really smelly too.
Que husband and myself laughing hysterically.

If you've ever been in the players locker room area as a hockey game is finishing up, you have no doubt experienced "the smell." I guess even 6 year old boys notice it!

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