Monday, October 19, 2009

Spiderman Wars

Well, we are having quite a dillema in our home with our two year old. He has some Spiderman summer clothes that he loves. He is now refusing to wear anything else. I tried dressing him in warmer Spiderman clothes even, but he wouldn't have it. He is a strong, wiggly little bugger. I spent 20 minutes getting him to put on pants instead of shorts. After much crying, and struggling, I finally got those on him. He was not happy, crying and screaming. I tried to talk him into a sweatshirt or coat, but at this point was so worn out--ugh!!! So, wearing a tank top and sweat pants (hey, at least I got the pants on him), I carried him to the car so we could get big brother to school. How do you convince a two year old he needs to wear warmer clothes???? I brought his sweatshirt with us, he even commented "I'm cold." But, still REFUSED to wear his sweatshirt. What to do???? I'm at a loss!

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