Friday, October 2, 2009

Hockey, Birthday and Sukkot--oh my!

Here it is 1:25 AM and I still am wide awake. Too much caffeine today I guess.

We started off our day at the hockey rink where my littlest one actually took apart his trains (he carries 4 with him wherever he goes, along with blue elephant and a fake cell phone) and gave two of the trains to a little girl to play with by his side. They used the bleachers for tracks and played together for pretty much the whole hour to my surprise--except when the fire alarm went off and everyone had to vacate the building of course.

After hockey, it was off to a friend's birthday party--he turned three today. This little friend comes to our house from time to time as his Mom and I trade baby-sitting. Our two year old has his own little nerf hockey set so he can be just like big brother. Well, his friend LOVES this hockey set and went home the other day saying "hockey, hockey, hockey." So, of course, we had to get him his own. His parents loved it too--whew!!!

Then home for the baby (and Mommy) to have a nap. Big mistake!

Then it was off to Synagogue for Sukkot. They actually had Sukkot Under the Stars with Sushi and Saki (and pizza). The perfect melding of cultures that perfectly represents our family. Of course, only kosher ingredients were used. This was followed by a camp fire and roasting marshmallows under the stars.

What a busy and memorable day. So, why can't I sleep!?! Caffeine and afternoon nap, not such a good mix afterall!

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