Friday, June 6, 2014

Selective memory

Blasted allergies. For all we dreamed about with coming home, I don't know how the hell I forgot about late Spring allergies here. Selective memory I guess. Nothing like having the worst allergy problems since, since, well since last time I lived here during this time of year. K is back on the inhaler after not needing it for over two years (not asthma, just allergy induced wheezing), T is also suffering badly (but his allergies seem bad almost every place we go). If we were going to stay, I would definitely start them on shots. But, every place is so different, I'm told shots designed for here may not do all that much good elsewhere. Oh well, there is good and bad everywhere and this is definitely the bad of here, still there is so much good it certainly won't stop us from coming back.

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Anonymous said...

Allergies will probably never respect geographic rules and always surprise you.