Friday, June 13, 2014

No waiting for Sunday

I don't always know what to think when it comes to my oldest child being sick. During school break it started, he had a fever and a cough, but it seemed to improve. He seemed so active and well when pursuing his interests. Then, our five day school break was over. The night before and on school mornings, the cough and tiredness would come, but no fever. It was a stressful week on many fronts, and he and I were both fighting what seemed like a standard summer cold. So, I am feeling quite bad that I didn't take his illness more seriously sooner. His cough would get bad at school and they sent him home. He got better again, so I sent him back after a day home and then it happened again, this time the fever was back in full force. Finally, I decided we needed to go to the doctor.

Poor kid, he is on an inhaler for now and if that doesn't clear him up by Sunday they are treating him for pneumonia. Upon this discovery, I decided maybe my cold that is hanging on needed a look as well. I went to the doctor today and am now on antibiotics and myriad other drugs. Ok, I need to take this illness crap more seriously.

** Ok, so no waiting for Sunday! His fever went down again after the doctor's visit on Thursday, only to spike back up to 102 tonight. Enough is enough, give my boy antibiotics. Call is in to the doctor and hopefully he too will be on the antibiotic gravy train soon.

*** Yay! The doctor called him in antibiotics. Hoping we can kick this illness by the end of the weekend, so my guy can have fun and enjoy all the great activities during the last week of school.


Anonymous said...

Thank God he finally got antibiotics.

The Story Chronicles said...

Keep us posted. Hoping he's up and at 'em soon!