Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good enough

Inevitably, the moves always work out in the end. If I forget to put something in UAB (our quick to arrive, much smaller, air shipment) instead of HHE (our slower to arrive, the majority of our belongings, household goods shipment), I can always buy another. Of course, this is how I now have 5 spatulas. The movers come on the 25th and we move to a hotel for a month, then we drive across country to our next posting. I wish our landlords here would have given us three more weeks, so my husband could have been here to help us make the move and have less time in the hotel, but they will not budge an inch. I have some choice words, but will refrain (at least in writing).

My oldest is going to overnight camp in Canada for three weeks, a few days after we move into the hotel. His first time at such a camp. The camp just sent a booklet (yes, not a list, a booklet) of all the things to pack, but it must fit into two suitcases. So, in addition to the UAB that will come to the hotel with us, we need to make sure we pack-up his camp gear ahead of the movers arrival too.

It will get done. It may not be done well, but it will be "good enough." And, that is all I am shooting for these days.

With antibiotics in working mode, today we will venture out to celebrate Father's Day with our Uncle. T insists he is ready and able for Laser Tag, the planned activity before dinner out. I don't know about this. We will see. . .

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, for things we don't necessarily control or choose, good engouh can often be good enough. Save perfect for things we choose and things that matter most.