Monday, November 8, 2010

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

I just did the most STUPID thing! If you've seen a picture of our home, it looks like a mansion. In reality, it is anything but. The "house" is actually split-up into four units. Underneath is a garage, with each unit having its own garage space. There is a garage door for the entire "house," but no garage door for each individual unit.

It is a windy, rainy, yucky day today. GSO (aka our Embassy fix-it guys) were here installing shelves for us in our garage space. I had to move my car out of the way to the empty unit's space across from us, so GSO could have room to work. When they left, I closed the big garage door behind them, then turned on my car to move it (K was with me too). I didn't realize how stupid this was until we got out of the car and smelled exhaust with no way to escape. I, of course, opened up the big door to air it out right away. But, I MUST remember to open up that big door before starting the car.

As I finished writing this, I see sun and a calmer (still not calm, but calmer) day!!! This is a fantastic thing because the wind and rain knocked down our basketball hoop, threw the sandox lid and many ride-on toys around the yard and beyond our yard too. Time to go set things straight now that the wind won't blow me away along with all those toys.

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