Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Embarrassing Moment

We've been told that it is ok to use credit cards at the bigger chain grocery stores. So, for the last two weeks, I've done this without problem at two different stores and I never needed my PIN. However, today I went to a different grocery store (the one closest to my house of course) and, guess what, they needed my PIN. Only, I don't know my PIN, I've NEVER needed it - not here, not there, not anywhere, I do not like green eggs and PINs. So, there I was standing in line with all my groceries and no way to pay for everything. The cashier was kind enough about it, but told me you ALWAYS need your pin at our store!!! I tried calling hubby on his cell phone, but no answer. Thinking this meant perhaps he was in his office, I tried that, but again no answer. Why is it you can never get ahold of your husband when you need to the most? Because, in my case, my husband is always in a DAMN meeting, but I digress. . .Luckily, the cashier was able to back out about $20 worth of stuff so that I could pay with the cash I had on hand, but oh my goodness was I embarrassed. Ok, so I promise I will memorize my PINs or only go to the two stores I know don't ask for them.

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