Monday, November 15, 2010

Mommy, are you a princess?

Dressed in my lilac gown (thanks Julie for having such great taste), wearing my new heels and my amethyst necklace, I descended the stairs of our home to my three year old asking me if I was a princess? I have to say there is absolutely nothing to make you feel more beautiful. Or feel really bad, when he tries to hug you with pizza hands and you tell him "don't touch Mommy baby." Well, off to the Marine Ball we go.

Our chariot of choice to the ball was a taxi, which we shared with our neighbors who were also going. In the weirdest of coincidences, they arrived in Islamabad, which was our first tour overseas, at the same time we were leaving I'bad. We never met till here, but know some of the same folks. It's such a small world. Glad we finally did get to meet-up at the same time and place.

We celebrated the 235th Birthday of the Marines. Gosh, the Marines all look so young. Nothing to confirm this more than when they announced the birth year of the youngest Marine, which was the same year I graduated high school. There was an open bar and a lot of dancing. We had a lot of fun, but paid for it just a little bit the next day.

Of course, today, my three year old asked me if Sophie (our dog) was a princess. At least he had the good sense to not ask this at the same time he asked me if I was a princess the night before.

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