Friday, October 15, 2010

Potty Training Woes

Potty training T was so surprisingly easy that I decided I would use the same method for K. With T, we never pressured. We put kid potties in all the bathrooms and encouraged him to use the potty before bath time and always told him how proud we were of him when he went potty. The first time he went to the potty on his own initiative, Thomas the Tank Engine (aka Daddy at work) called him to say how proud he was of him too. At that time, S had a private office with a door that closed, so it was easy for him to make that call. And, to this day, T remembers that special call from Thomas! Even better, two weeks after that Thomas call, T came home from preschool and said, “Mommy, throw away all my diapers.” He never used another diaper again, not even at night. He was ready and he knew he was ready.

I was so hoping that K would come to that point as well. Well, K has not yet gone potty without me directing him to try. We've gone through a lot of laundry and failed attempts, but trying to keep it positive and not pushy, always telling him how proud I am of him when he does go potty! Still, I’m anxiously hoping that he soon will try on his own initiative so Star Wars Clone, Capt. Rex (aka Daddy) can call and tell him how proud he is of him. And, hoping that the Capt. Rex call will have as much of an effect on K as the Thomas call had on T.

Of course, now Daddy’s office does not have a private door, so everyone will hear him on the phone with K. S is a bit worried about that. I told him he can take his cell phone to some isolated corner outside to call K if he's that worried. However, so many in his office also have little ones, so I really think they would totally get it. I’ll let you know how that goes when we finally do get there.

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