Monday, October 11, 2010

K is for. . .

K is my youngest son and this post is all about him. He's not been so happy with the "going to school" situation. He wants more than anything to go with his big brother. As much as K is attached to and wants to be with Mommy, big brother TRUMPS ALL. Unfortunately, hubby's job will not pay for K's school until he is in kindergarten. And, big brother's school wants 665 Euros/month (about $920/month) for K to attend half-day preschool. So, unless they are guaranteeing him a life time of happiness and success (including guaranteed admission to Harvard), I am not paying over $900/month for 1/2 day preschool!!!! For goodness sakes, that doesn't even include lunch!!!! And, sorry my European friends, but yes I do hope your euro tanks against the dollar and soon. I can dream, can't I? But, I digress . . .

We decided to try something new for K. He now goes to an activity center. He is so attached to Mommy that the idea of going to school, even for a short time, is devastating to him. His friends absolutely love it and I'm hoping with a few more times he will feel the same.

Lately, at home, K has taken to crawling around like a dog and barking. We think it's pretty cute, though not sure our dogs agree. He only does it at home. He also loves to do a lot of imaginative play with his stuffed animals. So, his imagination is really active these days! The other stranger thing going on is that he tells on his brother or the dogs for things they did NOT do. The other day he turned to Sophie (one of our dogs) and said, "Sophie, na ah, I am NOT a monster." He said it as if she really just spoke to him. Perhaps calling K "our little Cookie Monster" is not such a good idea afterall. But, he loves cookies and Cookie Monster, so. . .Or he'll tell me that Sophie just told him this or that. Now, if she starts telling him things like "give me meat" or "take me to my boyfriend Ruskie" then perhaps I will start wondering more about Sophie. But, until then, I believe this is K's imagination. Of course, K is also saying things like his brother just pushed him when brother is nowhere around, so I'm not sure what is going on with all of this. I do remember his big brother, at this same age, having an imaginary friend (Skate the Snake). K doesn't have an imaginary friend, but certainly seems to be using his imagination.

So, someday K, when you read all of Mom's postings about you and your brother I hope you won't hate me for sharing these things. But, it's kind of cute. And your kids (someday far far far in the future) are going to get such a laugh from it.

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