Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craving Chinese Food!

First and foremost, before discussing our latest (and admittedly trivial) dining discovery, I would just like to say what an absolutely wonderful miracle it is to see the progress of the rescue of the Chilean miners. I cannot even imagine being trapped under the ground or having a family trapped like that. I have never heard of a case where miners have been rescued after such a very long time and yet, miracle of miracles, it is happening. Thank G-d!!!!!!!!!!! All our thoughts and prayers to the miners and their family members!!!!

So, now our more boring, less miraculous day-to-day stuff ...

The other night the neighbor kids were over and their Dad came to visit with S. In addition to being the parents of T’s best friend in our compound, the Dad is actually one of S’s contacts. As they are Bulgarian, we asked if they knew of a good Chinese food restaurant in town, as we've been craving it for weeks. Of course, our neighbor went home and told his wife our plan and she, like me, decided that Chinese food sounded so much better than staying home to cook. So the two families made their way to town for Chinese. The original restaurant suggested no longer existed, so thank goodness they were with us. We followed them onward to another in town. We went to the upstairs portion of the restaurant and there were tons of fish tanks by some open tables, but they absolutely would NOT let us sit there. They put us at a round table on the other side of the restaurant. I was really starting to worry that perhaps this was the one non kid-friendly restaurant in the city. Soon the restaurant had a few other families present too, so thank goodness! The food was pretty good, don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I do have it programmed into Richard for future reference. To the dismay of the wait staff, the kids kept getting up to see the fish tanks. Luckily our table was not the only one with this situation. All in all, it was a lovely evening. Maybe next time, they will put us by those fish tanks though!!!

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