Sunday, September 28, 2014

It really does work

So, tonight we tried the method of shucking corn that I did not believe was real, but it is. You just cook the corn in its husk in the microwave (two ears for five minutes), take the corn out of the microwave and cut about an inch off of the stem end (the end that does not have the silk hanging out), then from the silk end just push and slide the ear right out of the husk. It comes out almost completely clean. Who knew? I wonder if this would work with other cooking methods?

I am adding this to our newly discovered method of marking our water glasses. Each family member has picked out their own color of silly band and that band goes on their water cup and stays there for the entire day. NO more multiple cups of water all over the house because people cannot remember which one is their cup. I hear that soon the silly bands will be replaced with rainbow loom markers.

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Anonymous said...

Rainbow loom markers are everywhere. We'll get confused.