Monday, September 8, 2014

How the hell do you do it all?

I'm just putting this out there for conversation and curiosity. Does anyone know of a couple where both spouses are full-throttle with their careers, their children, their family as a whole and each other? Or, does it seem that only one spouse at a time can take the career front-seat, so to speak? And, if they are both full-throttle for all, how the hell do they do it and not die of exhaustion?

Not in the career world yet, still just focusing on my school. Just wondering, how the hell do you do it all???? And, really, is it worth it? Of course, I want to find something I love to do, that is fulfilling beyond being a mom and wife. I do need it! However, how to draw the line, where to draw the line? Frankly, to me a part-time gig that is fulfilling seems the ideal solution. Yes, that means I am accepting that my career will not be the one getting top billing.

Clearly, my husband makes far more money than I could possibly make having been out of the career world for SO LONG. And, given the fact that I have limited time with my kiddos before they are off to college (better damn well go to college), I want to balance it all, maximize our resources and enjoy a fulfilling life as a mom, a wife and as an individual beyond those roles. I want the same for my husband and for my children too. I guess if I had the answer on  how to do all that, I would have a best-selling book, wouldn't I? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?


The Story Chronicles said...

Did you read this article a few years back?

The Story Chronicles said...

I have so much respect for this highly accomplished woman putting this out there!

The Stone Rabbit said...

I had not seen this article before. It is spot on. I really thought the point about making school schedules match work schedules was relevant for working parents. I clearly did not "sequence" things correctly. But, I still don't think I would do it differently.

I've certainly seen State folks playing "time macho" game. I've always thought it is such a bunch of BS. Finally, I think S agrees or perhaps has just re-prioritized in way that he realizes it just isn't worth it anymore-the costs to our family were more than the benefits to his career.

I had not seen it before. It is very long, so only read the first third so far. But, it really does make good points thus far. Thank you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of what she says about "time macho" and other cultural pressures applies to both genders.