Monday, June 21, 2010

The Mystery of the Midnight Honking

For quite a while now, this has been happening and I still cannot figure out what the heck is going on. Usually, my deepest sleep doesn't happen until very early morning (3 AM and beyond). So, if a little noise occurs in the midnight hour, there is a good chance it will wake me up. For several months now, I've noticed that someone honks their car horn sometime between midnight and 2 AM. Usually, it is at 12:15 AM, but not always. It's not a car alarm, and frankly it sounds more like Morse Code or something. Short beeps, long beeps, pauses between various beeps, etc. . .It goes on for about two minutes and then it stops. Very occassionally, I think I hear a car honking back. I've tried to look out the window, but I don't see anything or anyone. It's very weird. Hmmm????


The Story Tales said...

When we first moved to Brasilia, we heard what we thought was a bird every night. Mac's bedroom was on the front of the house and invariably he woke up every night with the midnight-ish bird call. He was nearly 4 and the "crazy bird" terrified him and made nights a really tough time for everybody. Then one night we happened to see the "bird" and it was actually the street night guard on his motorcycle, blowing a whistle to alert the street he was passing through. Embarrassingly, it took us months and months to figure this out and many, many hysterical tears were shed. The moral of the story is you should camp out in front of your house and see if maybe there are crazy motorcycle guards in your neck of the NoVa woods!? Or maybe some lovestruck high school students professing their love via encoded honking?!?!?

The Stone Rabbit said...

I can only imagine the scary bird that must have caused many a sleepless nightg for Mac and therefore, you and Jimmy! Too funny it turned out to be a night guard. Doubt we have such a thing out here. Lovestruck teenagers, perhaps. Who knows? Very tempted to do a campout, but too wimpy to do it in this heat. And, so, this is one mystery that will probably remain unsolved. LOL! :)