Monday, May 24, 2010

G-d works in mysterious ways or has one ironic sense of humor

The other night we went to our favorite little Mexican/Tex-Mex fast food joint in town--Guapos. Mmmm, we just love their rotisserie chicken!!!!

As we entered the establishment, hubby and I were discussing/debating a topic. For those of you who know us well, I am the eternal optimist and hubby the pessimist. He accuses me of wearing rose colored glasses and describes himself by saying, "not only is the glass half empty, but broken and leaking too." In fact, I think I'm more of a realist, but it's all relative. So, anyway, we were discussing our housing situation at our new post. It is not ideal with our dogs, but it is what it is. As hubby was going through the list of all the things for which we must prepare ourselves, I said, "you know what, maybe I'd actually rather be blindsided by something potentially bad, than constantly worrying about the possibilities [or as he says, "preparing for"] what might be troublesome."

It's our turn to order. Drinks come with the meal. While he is waiting for our food, the boys and I walk over to the fountain soda machine (otherwise known as the pop machine, from where I come from anyway). I'm listing off those drinks I will allow my six year old to drink. As I am doing this, suddenly the cover of the pop machine just falls off and hits me on the forehead. The bump swells to the size of a golf ball and starts to encompass my eye. Luckily, ice brought the bump down quite a bit. And, even more importantly, luckily the boys didn't get hit!!!! Hmm, just after I said I'd rather be blindsided, what happens, I'm blindsided by something. Maybe I don't prefer to be blindsided after all.

After all of this, you might think Guapo's would refund the price of our meals. But, no, they didn't even offer. The manager kept saying, "if there is anything I can do for you. . ." I just asked for a bag of ice, I was just in shock that this random thing had even happened. He did call today to see how I was doing and says he will call again in a few days.


The Story Tales said...

oh my.... so when are you going back to Guapo's???

Heather said...

I'm sorry Alisa, that had to hurt! Hang on to your optimism, you are a great foil for Seiji, he needs your positive influence. I'm so glad my friend found you!

The Stone Rabbit said...

Hmm, return to Guapo's. We do love it so, but just a little afraid. Perhaps if they give us some free meals I might consider ordering take-out. Where else can I get Yucca fries?

Heather, thanks. We balance each other out pretty well I guess.