Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to get moving

Here we are less than a month away from our next move. Summer just started and it feels like it is flying by. Our day starts off at 6 AM with the baby yelling from his crib "get out, Get Out, GET OUT!!!" And, so, I go get him and bring him to my bed. He watches PBS Sprout while I get another hour of rest before my oldest comes sauntering in. Without pressuring, I try to encourage him to get his little bit of daily studying and piano practice done so its not hanging over his head the whole day. For the last few days, he's done that to my amazement. Hope, Hope, Hope that continues!!!! Then it's breakfast time, followed by swim lessons, followed by lunch and our day is 1/2 done - YIKES!!!!

The afternoons have just filled up so quickly too. There are last dentist and doctor appointments. There's shopping for all the things we THINK we won't be able to find in Sofia and, of course, know we cannot live without (especially with birthday money burning a hole in the boys' pockets). Then, lest we not forget, I need to cancel accounts, organize files and our belongings and get rid of STUFF (random stuff that just magically accumulates between each move). There is nothing like a move to rid ourselves of JUNK.

At least I've already found tenants and signed the lease, arranged for a property manager, sold hubby's car and bought us a car at post so we have something right when we arrive. So much left to do, and here I am on the computer. Shame, shame, shame. Time to get moving.


The Story Tales said...

I was already suffering from angst over all that must be done before our move and your post has made it worse!!! And yes, I'm on the computer instead of getting any of it done!:) We're going to meet Jimmy in NoVA on July 18 for a few days - will y'all be around then? I hope you won't have left by then because we'd love to catch up.

The Stone Rabbit said...

Susan, so sorry. It's just all so overwhelming, isn't it. Give us a call when you get to town. We will be at our hotel by then. We leave on the 21st. When do you leave for post?