Thursday, April 22, 2010

My poor baby

Oh, my poor 1st grader. He is suffering with allergies something terrible this year. I took him to the allergist today and he had a bunch of tests on his back and some on his arm. His poor little welted back and arm!!! And, then, he went to school. But, on the way, we stopped at McD's for a milkshake. Such a brave guy, I thought he deserved it.

So, he's allergic to ragweed, grasses, oak trees, dust mites (how do you convince a 6 year old he can longer sleep with his beloved stuffed animals?), some type of mold that floats around the air everywhere, and cats. Dogs were non-reactive on the first test (phew) and every so slightly on the second test. The doctor said to not let the dogs in his room, but its such a minor reaction that it's really not the problem here. Though we miss our Akachan, its probably best we didn't get a new kitty.

UPDATE: $40 eye drops, nasal spray and a HEPA air purifier for his room and, still, today his eyes are so swollen he can barely see out of them. I guess we better start the shots, cause treating the symptoms doesn't seem to do much good. Just looking into seeing how difficult it will be to continue them when we move.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that he has allergy! That's terrible. It sounds like he has more of the serious case. I hope his condition improves soon.

The Stone Rabbit said...

It's pretty bad this year compared to previous years. We just found out we cannot get him shots because he needs to be here for 6 months to get him to the "maintenance level." The Embassy will only administer shots once someone reaches that level. I guess it is 3 more years of treating symptoms only.