Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today, my dearest hubby actually surprised me for my birthday. He planned ahead, he didn't tell or hint a bit to me or the kids, and low and behold he totally pulled it off!!!! We had a lovely afternoon at Tim's Rivershore with friends in the area--friends from old schools, friends from old jobs, family from Oregon, and friends we've made here in town. Such a lovely mix and so cool to have them converge in one place. And congratulations to D&M and W&R on your pregnancies!!!! So exciting and so wonderful to share in your news!!!!

Then this evening was also very fun. Our 1st grader's friend is having a camp out birthday party. They have a beautiful big woodsy backyard perfect for camping. The baby and I stayed only for the first part of the party, which was very lovely. They cooked hot dogs on a fire pit and served dirt and worms for dessert. The kids learned how to start the camp fire and played lots of fun camping games and activities. Now, the big boys are setting up camp. I think they will have such a fun time. Hopefully, its not too cold and windy tonight!!!

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Kaho said...

Happy Birthday!! How wonderful that you had a surprise birthday party!!! I like the story behind your name "Stone Rabbit". So cute... The camp out birthday party sounds like so much fun, too!!! Thanks for sharing your story.