Monday, February 22, 2010

Gremlin or Cherub

My little cherub, sitting here quietly, peacefully, watching his Wiggles before we head off to take brother to school. And, yet, lurking behind that peaceful, loving, oh so cute baby face is a GREMLIN! Yes, I admit I have a gremlin. We like to call him baby, but he prefers going by the names of either Star Wars, Luke, or Darth Vader. He must have been in his Darth Vader mode yesterday when he stuffed some unknown object into the Wii, which now no longer works. Ah, yes, me and the Nintendo lady had a good laugh together when I called up telling her that her phone menu doesn't have an option for "two-year old gremlin destroys the Wii." I was happily surprised to hear that they think they can fix it and it will only cost me $50. Now, just wondering what the heck he stuffed in there!!!! Perhaps a lego. We will find out soon enough!


The Story Tales said...

great deal on Wii repair. better a lego, I guess, than something like a peanut butter sandwich!!

The Stone Rabbit said...

Good point. With the way he loves those peanut butter suckers (you know a glop of peanut butter on a spoon), it could've easily involved peanut butter.