Monday, February 9, 2015

A beautiful day

Yesterday, we had the most beautiful day together as a family. I wasn't expecting our day to turn out to be one of those days made for memories, but it somehow turned into just that kind of day.

The cub scouts had tickets for a hockey game and ice skating for which we bought tickets weeks ago. The boys have Hebrew lessons Sunday mornings and the game was about an hour away from where they have lessons. The game is also in the same town as the only decent Indian food in the whole area. We knew two things going in, we would leave straight from Hebrew class and we would eat some Indian food for lunch. Thank G-d my kids like Indian food!

At the end of lunch, we still had 1.5 hours before needing to arrive at the arena. We were very near the historic district and decided to go over there. All the museums were closed on Sundays and Mondays, so we were out-of-luck, until we happened upon an open art gallery. The gallery contained paintings, photographs and sculptures from local artists. We had a talk with the boys about not touching ANYTHING, they understood and we went in. It was wonderful to see them exploring the art work, thinking about it, expressing what they liked and why. It was a small gallery, so we were there only 30 minutes. But, it was a surprisingly fun experience with the kids.

We then walked to the waterfront. It was  a beautiful sunny day and we just laughed, walked and talked and then headed to the game. Our team won and we skated for about an hour. By the time the day was done, it was close to 8:00 PM. We had a bit of a drive home, so a late night for a school night. But, so worth it. Who knew yesterday would turn out to be such a wonderful day together. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, such moments are sometimes hard to come by or, at least, sometimes hard to recognize. I love that yesterday each one of us had a joyful day, each one of us recognized and appreciated those moments as a family. It wasn't planned to be that way, it just was. I just had to share!


The Story Chronicles said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for enjoying the day with us.