Saturday, July 7, 2012

Travel tips. . .

So it took us 27 hours door-to-door to get home. I have some tips for my fellow travelers.

Tip 1: remember, WE CAN SEE YOU, so please don't sit there in front of us or next to us picking your nose. Oh my goodness can't you at least excuse yourself to the bathroom. It is not as if our plane didn't have plenty. In fact, it was very cool, they had a downstairs area that was all bathrooms, like six of them. So, get up, stretch your legs and go to the fricken bathroom.

Tip 2: SFO is by far the best airport port-of-entry to the US I have ever encountered!!! Choose it, use it!

Tip 3: when on an 11 hour night flight with a child who still normally wears pull-ups to bed. No matter how much your almost five year old promises he will wake up to go potty and doesn't need a pull-up, don't give in, make him wear the pull-up. That is unless, of course, you plan to wake yourself up every couple of hours, carry a 35 lb. blob over your shoulder to the bathroom and somehow get him to go potty - then you are amazing and certainly don't need any of my tips.

And, so, it would seem our choice of living a life on the path less traveled has certainly involved a lot of travel. :)


Chris from said...

Aaaah SFO - such a beautiful airport! Food is great too but can be expensive.

David from said...

Thanks for the tips. I agree, people who think that they are invisible. It is very irritating to watch someone picking their nose.