Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am so STEAMED right now!!!

So, we got some mail for our former tenants. I keep putting "return to sender," but it doesn't seem to help. So, I thought I would try to look up their current address and see if I could include that on the envelope in addition to "return to sender." Big Mistake. I found our former tenants' myspace page. Now, mind you, "no pets allowed" was part of their lease agreement.

This is from their blip about themselves.

"My house was like a zoo. We had pet cats and rats and mice and cats and dogs and a snake and, at different brief times, we had a rabbit w/ one eye named scar face, but he was sick and died pretty quick; a snapping turtle, 2 mean as hell Ferrets anmed Hannibal cauz he bit everyone hard as hell, and stinky;a tarantula named harry who was cool as hell, and that's all my burnt out mind can think of. . ."

Now nothing specifies when they had all of these pets, but with the damage this house had, I'm sure at least some of those were here. How could our property management company, who was supposed to come and check on the house once/quarter not have seen, smelled, or noticed any of this. Oh my goodness, I will NEVER EVER AGAIN use Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia. Now, I know they've had good reviews from co-workers that live closer to their office, but apparently if you live too far away, your home is too much of a bother. I will be doing some serious interviewing of property managers near us this time around. And, thank goodness, with Seiji being on the housing board we now have a core group of fellow neighbors who will be watching what's happening at our place.

Forget "return to sender," from now on their mail is going straight to my shredder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Debra Scherr said...

Well, you could always have a lot of junk mail sent to them at their new would they ever know how they got on xyz company(ies) and their friends mailing lists. Now, this would take some work on your part...filing out forms, magazine subscriptions (if you like), various drawings, get the idea. I believe in CA you can set a security deposit for as much as you like. I see nothing wrong with $3000. I would charge at least 2 months rent for a security deposit. I would also have a stipulation that they be non-smokers.

The Story Tales said...

The joys of property ownership from afar. I feel your pain...