Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Proud of my boys

If you don't like moms bragging, then do not read any further.

With all my fretting and fussing, can I be a bragging mom for a moment. Oldest Child (OC) has given me a run for my money in terms of keeping on top of organization and homework. I may have, and probably will again, complain about this issue. He is a bit of a procrastinator. But this week, the boy had such a wonderful week and I just want to yell (in a good way) from the rooftops.

Before we moved to the area, I found out about the STEM school that was by invite only. We called and called and then applied. Still, OC had to take a test to get in. We move a lot,  he has some gaps, so I worried. And, in fact,  his math scores were not what they needed to be to qualify for the school. His teachers wrote fabulous recommendations talking about how he would be a great fit for STEM and is very much a science and tech kid. So, somehow, they let our boy in. We were told, we may have to get him tutoring to stay up in the math though. We never did get a tutor. The school just gave the State test for math and my 6th grader scored in the 98th percentile for 7th graders. What? Trying to not act like I was surprised, but I was surprised and happy. He also got his Orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. In addition, this week he is at the Science Fair regionals, after tying for 2nd place in the 6th grade Science Fair at his school last month.

To top it all off, Youngest Child (YC) made honor roll for the 2nd straight term here for 2nd grade and, so far, is such a self-motivated, organized, smart little worker bee.

OK, bragging over. I am just so proud of both of my boys!


Anonymous said...

They take after their mother; smart and independent-minded.

The Story Chronicles said...

Your boys rock! Just like their mama!!